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NOFX's Michael Burkett, aka Fat Mike, has always been honest and vocal about his experiences.

As he enters rehab to detox, he has shared updates via Instagram. “Detox: day 1, sleep, shit, sleep shit, sleep, shit, sleep, nap, shit, taco night, shit, sleep,” his post reads.

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Detox: day 1, sleep, shit, sleep shit, sleep, shit, sleep, nap, shit, taco night, shit, sleep.

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Day 3 in detox fucking sucks ass! and thanks so much for all the positive comments. Means a lot. 🙂

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The response from fans has been overwhelmingly supportive. “Go, mike! It won't last forever no matter how long it feels… This is just a small backlash from a punk rocker's life 🙂 Just hang in there and think of your family and friends. Good luck :D,” a comment from Instagram user juan_nofx reads.

In 2012, Fat Mike opened up to A.V. Club about his drug and alcohol use:

“I tried drugs in my 30s. I went to college, and I started my label. And it was exciting, but things had to get done and I had to be at work every day. I was just fucking busy in my 20s, building what I have. And it was kind of like, “All right, now I’ve got a few million bucks, my band is successful, I’m going to start partying!”….What are you supposed to do on tour? Why be sober on tour? Why play sober? Why do a job sober if you don’t have to? And being a musician is really one of the only jobs that you’re really pushed into performing drunk. People expect it. People expect rock stars to be wasted, and if you’re not it’s a disappointment. If you’re an actor you can’t show up at work wasted, or any kind of the arts. You’re not supposed to show up at work wasted. Maybe Jackson Pollock or something.”

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In April, Greg Pratt talked to NOFX drummer Erik “Smelly” Sandin for AltPress about the process behind NOFX's new tell-all book. “Mike has a problem. He does. And we all see it. And when it affects us, there's a problem. And then he goes, “Fuck, dude, I'm good.” Yeah, well, that's called denial, because you're affecting everybody else,” Sandin mentioned in the interview.

We're wishing Fat Mike the best. Leave words of support in the comments!

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