Norma Jean & MAGA hat
[Photos by: Razor & Tie, James McNellis/Wikimedia Commons]

Cory Brandan, vocalist for metalcore stalwarts Norma Jean, says he welcomes “Make America Great Again” hats at his band’s shows, among other presumably offensive items. “Make America Great Again” or #MAGA is the furtively racist slogan used by President Trump that frequently adorns red ball caps.

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The issue was raised by Brandan in a series of tweets on Wednesday, the singer seemingly opposing an earlier statement from Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley. While Buckley said his band “doesn’t need” Trump supporters and bigots, Brandon counters that he “doesn’t give a shit who comes to our shows. #MAGA hats welcome. Hillary shirts welcome. Gay pride flags. Pentagrams. Upside down crosses.”

The musician attempts to clarify his position in subsequent replies, condemning “thought police” and refuting accusations of self-promotion. Read Brandan’s tweets below:

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