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[Photo by Alex Mackowiak]

nothing, nowhere. is back with some brand new music this week. For his new single “blood,” nothing, nowhere. has joined forces with KennyHoopla and rising producer JUDGE.

Now, nothing, nowhere. is treating fans to an action-packed video for the latest song that has a major twist at the end.

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2020 has been full of new music from nothing, nowhere. Earlier this year, he debuted one takes vol. 1 along with four standalone singles “lights (4444),” “pretend,” “nightmare” and “death.”

Now, he is back with his new single “blood” which features producer JUDGE and KennyHoopla. The track is inspired by the difficult relationships we all deal with within our daily lives.

“’blood’ is about being a metaphorical killer; killing relationships with people you care about and getting caught in that toxic cycle,” nothing, nowhere. says. “I recorded the song with JUDGE and Kenny in 20 minutes.”

For KennyHoopla, it was the dark undertones and inspiration for “blood” that made him want to get involved.

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“[I] really liked how dark the song was and impressed on what he did with the beat, I was excited to go in on it.”

On Monday, nothing, nowhere. unveiled an action-packed video for “blood.” Viewers follow nothing, nowhere. and KennyHoopla as they venture into the illicit black market. After kidnapping an individual involved, they are led to a shipping container that holds animals that have been captured to be sold for profit.

nothing, nowhere. further shares that the entire video experience was very positive and truly brought a lot of his passions together.

“I shot the video with Kenny in Boston. We got to hang out with a bunch of rescue animals,” he says. “It was a beautiful experience to be able to combine my love of animals, film and music into one shoot.”

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“blood” isn’t the first, or recent, collaboration for nothing, nowhere. Over the years, he has joined forces with various artists including Dashboard Confessional for “Hopes Up” and Aaron Gillespie for a remix of “pretend.”

As well, nothing, nowhere.’s 2019 EP bloodlust was created in collaboration with blink-182‘s Travis Barker.

The video for “blood (feat. KennyHoopla & JUDGE)” is available to stream below.

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