[Photo by: NYX]

Beauty lovers who like to channel a dark side, this is the product for you. NYX has introduced their new Unicorn Blood Lip Gloss collection, and the duo-chromatic shades are a dream.

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The “goth meets gloss” shades range from lavender-gold to amethyst-blue, and each gloss is packed with “super-shiny pearls” that shine through the sheer black base.

The mesmerizing product is perfect for a night out, or for any day, really. Who says you can wear too much sparkle?

Check out the stunning shades below!

NYX Kinetic

NYX Eclipse

Cosmic Glaze:
NYX Cosmic Glaze

Black Hole:
NYX Black Hole

NYX Clash

The Unicorn Blood Glosses are available here. (We'll be ordering all five.)

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