Of Mice & Men let fan diagnosed with terminal brain cancer hear their new album

May 19, 2016
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Of Mice & Men recently allowed a fan, Cassy, to be the first person to hear their new album. Cassy was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014, and in January, at the age of 14, was told she possibly had only six months left to live.

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In addition to hearing the album, she spent time with the band in and out of the studio. They surprised Cassy by including her on the new record. She will forever be a part of Of Mice & Men as her clapping along to the beat of one of the new songs will be added to the track. You can read their post below.


#Repost @ltdfoundation with @repostapp. ・・・ Today will forever be engraved as a Very Special Day in our hearts. A precious, strong and defiant young lady named Cassy walked into our lives and forever changed them! Cassy was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014, and then later at the age of only 14 was told this past January that she would possibly only survive another 6 Months.�� The relationship and history between Cassy, @austincarlile and the Band @omandm has been a rich one over the Years. When they found out that there was a possibility that Cassy could miss the release of their New OM&M Album, they sprung into action through their Great Team over at Raw Power Management who immediately contacted our LTD Foundation.❤️ Working alongside her favorite band OM&M, Our @ltdfoundation set up a Dream Day Full of Surprises for Cassy and Family!! Starting with the awesome room and gift bags from the nice people at ‘Crown Plaza Saddle Brook Hotel,' then over to a private lunch at one of her fav’s ‘California Pizza Kitchen’ where she was even awarded her very own CPK chef coat and hat (Lucky).❤️ But undeniably, the most memorable for Cassy was the private listening party given to her by her favorite band @omandm; Cassy is the Very 1st Person to hear their New Album!❤️ And if all of that wasn't enough, OM&M surprised her with the recording of Cassy clapping to the beat and told her that she will forever be engraved onto one of their songs (unbelievable).❤️ Today was a much needed day for Cassy, Mom, Cousin and Family, as was it for all involved… Today was a day to forget all the stresses and problems of the World and to be surrounded by nothing but pure Love, Happiness and Joy… Today Cassy was disease free; Today Cassy was “Living The Dream”…�� #ofmiceandmen #omandm #austincarlile #aaronpauley #alanashby #valentinoarteaga #philmanansala #rawpowermanagement #mattash #andrewsnape #riserecords #californiapizzakitchen #crownplazasaddlebrookhotel #ltdfoundation #hurley #4fini #sge @austincarlile @alanashby @youngfuego @aaronpauley @mrmoneycat @omandm @rawpowermanagement @matashup @snapeington @riserecords @californiapizzakitchen @ltdfoundation @hurley

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