Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes has shared his thoughts on drug use in a new interview with Metal Hammer. “I don’t regret taking drugs—and I don’t know if I should say it, but everyone should do drugs at some point in their life,” the BMTH frontman says. “You shouldn’t go through your life without experiencing acid, in my opinion. It used to be fun, it used to be an adventure. That’s why I did all those drugs.”

He later adds, however, “After a while it stops being awesome, and that’s the reality. But it’s a hard reality to accept.”

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In the latest issue of AP, cover stars Bring Me The Horizon speak with contributing writer Tom Bryant on an array of topics, including Sykes’ recent battle with addiction—and how it almost cost him his life. “My issues stemmed from the fact that I was trying so hard to fight against what people were saying about me,” he openly admits. “I wasn’t what people were saying I was. But at the same time, I wasn’t a good person, either. I felt so guilty about who I was.”

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In 2014, at the first annual APMAs, Sykes admitted to his past addiction during his acceptance speech for Album Of The Year. “I wanna say something that I never thought I’d actually talk about. Before we wrote Sempiternal, I was fucked off my head. My band wanted to kill me. My parents wanted to kill me. My fucking brother wanted to kill me. Everyone wanted to kill me. But they didn’t—they stood by me. They supported me through all that shit, and we wrote Sempiternal because of it.” 

Last Friday, Bring Me The Horizon released their new studio album, That’s The Spirit.