Oliver Tree

Watch Oliver Tree go out in a blaze of glory with final song “Let Me Down”

You will be missed, king.

April 7, 2020
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Oliver Tree has unleashed his final song and video “Let Me Down.” If you’re unsure why it’s considered the final song, well, that’s because the singer canceled his upcoming album Ugly Is Beautiful just a day before its release and officially announced his retirement

Late on April 6, Oliver Tree asked fans to get the #OLIVERTREEISOVERPARTY trending so that he could drop the final song and video of his illustrious career. 

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Wow, the end of an era is upon us. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, we’ll start from the top. 

Oliver Tree announced his debut album back in December with the hit single “Cash Machine.” Following an incredible AltPress issue cover and feature, Oliver Tree officially canceled the release of his album due to COVID-19. He also said he’s retiring. 

That was back on March 25. 

On April 4, Oliver Tree dropped a humorous video of people discussing his retirement. 



Then on April 6, Tree tweeted asking people to share their favorite pics of him with the hashtag #OLIVERTREEISOVERPARTY. Tree said if we got it trending, he would drop his final song and video. 


Oliver Tree also tweeted that he loved Kpop which was sure to get that hashtag trending.



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That brings us to right now, where Oliver Tree officially dropped his last single ever, “Let Me Down.”

”I wrote ‘Let Me Down’ the day after I canceled my album due to corona virus” Tree says about the new track. “Canceling the release was devastating after working on this album for 5 years. Even though it was completely out of my control, I felt like I let a lot of people down so I made them this song as an apology. Even if I can’t drop the album, I still want my fans to know I care about them. This week I decided to film a DIY music video in my buddy’s warehouse with the help of some close friends and family. To anyone who feels let down or hurt, I ask for your forgiveness…”

The music video is certainly DIY with all the humourous and creative flair we’ve come to expect from Oliver Tree. A scooter, oversized headphones, even more oversized JNCO jeans and a slew of comedic bits, “Let Me Down” is a visual feast of color and quick wit. 

Check it out below. 

“Let Me Down” Lyrics

Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

You save yourself
I’ll save myself this time around
You save yourself
I’ll save you too next time around
I’m not around, I haven’t been here for a while
You know I’ll never be back now

Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

I won’t come around

It’s the same old shit, I’m getting sick of it
It’s still the same old shit, stop putting up with it
Somehow I’ve seen, you’re someone else
Somehow I’ve seen, you turned into someone else

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Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

I won’t come around

In case you were wondering, check out some of the best pictures of Oliver Tree people shared to get the hashtag trending.



Go ahead and celebrate Oliver Tree’s iconic career (and hairdo) and stream the fuck out of his final song and video “Let Me Down.” Who knows when we’ll hear from the legendary musician again.

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Written by Koltan Greenwood