Our Last Night have released a full-band cover of Katy Perry's “Dark Horse” on YouTube and iTunes. Earlier this month, they released a music video for “Sunrise,” an original from their latest Oak Island EP.

Check it out below!

Russia/United Kingdom/Europe/ Australia Tour Dates

1.29.2014- Moscow, Russia
1.30.2014- St. Petersburg, Russia

2.01.2014- Newcastle, UK
2.02.2014- Manchester, UK
2.03.2014- Cardiff, UK
2.04.2014- Leeds, UK
2.05.2014- Dundee, UK
2.06.2014- London, UK
2.07.2014- Southampton, UK
2.08.2014- Aarschot, Belgium
2.09.2014- Koln, Germany
2.10.2014- Berlin, Germany
2.11.2014- Prague, Czech Republic
2.12.2014- Wien, Austria
2.13.2014-Graz, Austria
2.14.2014- Zurich, Switzerland
2.15.2014- Reutlingen, Germany
2.16.2014- Paris, France
2.17.2014- Reading, UK
2.18.2014- Glasgow, UK

Soundwave (Australia)
2.22.2014- Brisbane, Australia
2.23.2014- Sydney, Australia
2.28.2013- Melbourne, Australia
3.01.2014- Adelaide, Australia
3.03.2014- Perth, Australia