Ozzy Osbourne
[Photo by: Sam Taylor-Johnson]

Ozzy Osbourne is surprised he’s been alive as long as he has, but now at age 70, he thinks about dying quite a bit.

Osbourne made the profound revelations about life in a recent interview with Metal Hammer magazine.

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He initially said he didn’t think he’d live past age 40.

“If you’d said to me years ago, ‘How long do you think you’ll last?’ I would’ve said, ‘I’ll be dead by 40!’” he said. “Luck has shadowed me all the way. If you’d read a news story that said, ‘Ozzy Osbourne has been found dead in his hotel room!’, you wouldn’t go, ‘Oh, really?’ would you? You’d say, ‘Well, obviously!'”

Last month, Osbourne had to cancel his Australia, New Zealand, and Japan tour dates with Judas Priest following his recent battle with pneumonia. He’s back in good health now, but admitted he definitely feels like he’s close to dying.

It’s getting close to the fucking end now. But turning 70 really makes you aware of the phenomenal change in the world,” he said.  “Everything’s sped up to a ridiculous level now. You can do more in one hour than you could do in a week before. I do think that mankind is moving way too fast.”

He also commented on the many musicians who have died in recent years, saying even though he realizes he’s getting older, he hopes he’s not done anytime soon.

“I’m only hoping my number don’t come up soon. You hear me talking, I’m lucky I’m not one of the dead ones, ’cause I used to — I mean, when there’s drugs involved or alcohol, I should have died a thousand times,” he said.

In other news, you need to check out Osbourne’s grand kids rocking out to his classic song “Crazy Train” to forget about all this death talk.

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