[Photo by: Palaye Royale/Instagram]

We may not have the real deal for the last Warped ever, but at least Palaye Royale have been giving a shout out to My Chemical Romance during the tour.

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Palaye have been adding their cover of “Teenagers” to their Warped setlist, and needless to say, the fans are loving it. We don’t think the sing-alongs have ever been so loud.

The band have already played the cover at multiple dates (you can check out a video from Pomona below) and currently have a clip from Vegas playing on their Instagram story.

Watch “Teenagers” in Pomona, CA:

Warped Tour has just begun and you still have time to see Palaye’s cover live. Check out the dates here!

Did you enjoy Palaye’s MCR cover? Let us know in the comments!

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