Palaye Royale The Bastards 2020
[Photo by: Jonathan Weiner]

After having a recent tour date of their The Bastards European tour at the Garage in Glasgow, U.K. canceled, Palaye Royale are being forced to find an alternative venue once again.

Earlier today (February 22), the band announced that their show in Birmingham had been canceled due to “Palaye Royale being a risk to the audience” but they’ve now found a venue to host a free acoustic set.

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Earlier this week, they were forced to cancel their show in Scotland due to being unable to reach an agreement that would threaten public safety.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Due to being unable to reach an agreement between the promoter and artist about the artist’s performance, tonight’s Palaye Royale show has been cancelled due to a potential risk to public safety. Refunds are available from point of purchase. 

The superstars on the cover of issue 380 for AltPress showed their willingness to go the extra mile for their fans, waiting outside the venue to personally greet fans arriving.

You can see some footage below

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They followed this up with an acoustic show outside of the venue but ended up elaborating that promoters requested they “tone down [their] performance,” asking Leith to avoid entering the crowd or balconies during the set.

In January 2019, two separate instances regarding Leith entering the crowd during the band’s U.K. run sparked venue backlash. The first was at Venue Cymru in North Wales where the promoter stopped the show for “safety reasons” immediately after Leith entered the crowd.

Just under two weeks later, Leith was reportedly tackled by security while performing at Ironworks in Inverness, Scotland. The frontman ended up entering the crowd with security physically removing him.

The band ended up requesting the “normal disclaimer” releasing the venue of responsibility for the band to perform the full scope of their show. After signing it and offering to allow the venue to hold their pay to ensure a safe environment, the band states their manager informed them that the venue had decided to cancel the gig with no further discussion.

Now, they’re facing similar issues for tomorrow’s show in Birmingham. The band are reporting the cancelation is due to “Palaye Royale being a risk to the audience.”

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Shortly after they made the announcement, they posted to their social media accounts that they found a new venue. Now, they’ll be playing a free acoustic show with a free meet and greet in Birmingham. The venue will be letting ticket holders in first.

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