Palaye Royale's Emerson Barrett just released his collection of sketchbooks, and they're all stunning.

Check out some of the notebooks below, plus a sneak peek of his upcoming art exhibition.

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“My collection of sketchbooks is now available!” Barrett wrote on Twitter. “I spend mostly all my time creating in my sketchbooks, so I am very pleased to have a line of my own.”

There are six options and we honestly can't choose our favorite. Check out a few designs below!

“I visit my sketchbooks so often because it feels as if I am destroyed by reality,” the Palaye Royale drummer shared on his shop's page. “When I exist in my own world with my mind and a pen, I am happiest.”

[Photo by: Emerson Barrett/My Shopify]

One is more incredible then the other. Can we just get one of each?  

You can buy the sketchbooks here.

[Photo by: Emerson Barrett/My Shopify]

Plus, Barrett's art will be displayed at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California in upcoming weeks.

He shared a few videos of the gallery, and it's looking great!

In an APTV exclusive, Barrett walked us throug-h sketchbooks stuffed with meticulously drawn landscapes and explains his mission to instill a sense of smell into modern art. Check out the video below!

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