Watch Palaye Royale cover My Chemical Romance

November 8, 2017
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Palaye Royale lit up London last night with their killer cover of My Chemical Romance's classic The Black Parade tune “Teenagers”! Check out video of the performance, and Palaye's subsequent MCR appreciation tweet, below.

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The swagger champs of fashion-art rock busted out the beloved MCR cover tune at a sold-out show at London's the Camden Assembly on Tuesday, Nov. 7. After footage of the “Teenagers” salute was posted by That Boring Show, Palaye Royale made their feelings known in a sweet MCR shout-out tweet.

“We just want Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero to see the impact MCR still has,” the group tweeted. “Thank you guys for great music!”

See Palaye Royale's live cover of “Teenagers,” the band's gracious tweet and My Chemical Romance's original music video for the song right here:

My Chemical Romance – “Teenagers”

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Written by AltPress