Meet Ku, the mobile refrigerator. Yup, you read that right: a fridge that comes to you!

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Panasonic has released a video of their mobile fridge named Ku. This fridge can bring you a cold beverage, your leftovers from last night and much, much more.

The fridge is voice activated, so when you say “Hey Ku, come to the dining room table” the fridge will actually come to your dining room table.

The fridge uses depth sensors to map out the floor plan to your home. The fridge also uses the same technology used in the Google self-driving cars as well as sensors to detect “unexpected objects” such as small children and pets.

Panasonic believes this could be a great breakthrough for people with disabilities who are not able to reach their refrigerator. However, the company also understands the other side of this: It could make you really lazy. 

What would you keep in your voice-activated fridge?! Comment below and let us know!