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Panic! At The Disco‘s cover of “Into the Unkown” for Frozen 2 has received a ton of praise and now Idina Menzel – the actress who voices Elsa in the film – has given her seal of approval.

Speaking to Zach Sang, Menzel says PATD mastermind Brendon Urie makes singing the track look easy.

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The singer was initially asked whether she finds it more difficult to sing “Into The Unknown” or “Let It Go” and reveals her studio takes are much easier than touring.

“It’s probably ‘Into the Unknown’ because it’s not in my body and in my voice yet. I haven’t sung it a lot. In the studio is one thing. That was the same with ‘Let It Go’. Once I go on tour and I’m singing it every day, it starts to get in me and I can sing it. It’s probably ‘Into the Unknown’ right now ’cause it’s a little bit of the unknown for me,” she says.

Then, she was asked about her thoughts on the Urie-led version where she gushed over his take of the Frozen 2 song.

“Oh it’s good, he makes it sound easy to sing those high notes. It’s easy on a certain day and then other days it’s not easy but that’s probably what he’d say too. When you’re in the studio, you can try different things and make mistakes and grab the best one.” She added: “I’m a big fan of his.”

You can check out both versions of the song in the players below.

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