PANIC AT THE DISCO-2018-altpress panic! at the disco
[Photo by: Jonathan Weiner]

Panic! At The Disco covered OutKast’s classic “Hey Ya!” for their Spotify Sessions series. They’re the latest band to participate in the Spotify Sessions, alongside artists such as twenty one pilots and All Time Low.

They released a stripped-down version of “High Hopes” alongside the cover. Back in June, the song was even the anthem for the 2018 NHL World Cup. The band performed the song before the start of the game while floating in a fountain in Las Vegas.

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The new Spotify Sessions comes right after Panic! won Favorite Alternative Rock Artist at the AMAs, proving that 2018 really is Panic!’s year.

The band performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a tribute to the late, great Freddie Mercury. It was their first televised performance with new guitarist Mike Naran who replaced replaced Kenny Harris following misconduct allegations.

Additionally, former Panic! At The Disco member Jon Walker found parts of the lost Cricket & Clover album. The album was scrapped right before the release of Pretty. Odd.

Even though Brendon Urie never responded publically to the news, it got fans excited and was a throwback for many.

Released in 2003, OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” is also throwback. The song placed in the top 5 on multiple charts and reached No. 1 in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Also, it might have made Polaroid pictures popular again—but Polaroid warned people not to shake their pictures.

Listen to Panic!’s cover and get ready to shake it (but not the picture.)