A College in AP's home state of Ohio has possibly the coolest marching band around since they did an entire Panic! At The Disco halftime show! Check out the video below! 

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The Falcon Marching Band of Bowling Green State University, a school in rual Ohio, did an entire Panic! At The Disco halftime show during a recent football game, and it's making us all wish we went there. The band performed “LA Devotee,” “Nine in the Afternoon,” “Victorious” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” Check out the entire show below! 

The Falcon Marching Band's rendition of the Panic! songs were so good that even Panic! At The Disco took notice, and tweeted out the video! 

All this talk of football is giving us some serious fall vibes! Congrats to the Falcon Marching Band on an awesome show! Maybe next season they'll turn the emo up to eleven and do a My Chemical Romance halftime show? We'll be waiting… 

What do you think of the Falcon's marching band Panic! At The Disco arrangement? Are you suddenly wishing you were in marching band, too? Same. Sound off in the comments below! 

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