(Photo: Shane Valdez)

During last night's Panic! At The Disco show in Pompano Beach, Florida, frontman Brendon Urie injured his ankle. It hasn't been confirmed exactly how he sustained the injury, although NME reported that he hurt himself after getting back on stage after going into the crowd. He later took off his boot and showed the audience how swollen it was. (Video of that below.) Later still, he tweeted: “Thank you to everyone who sang with us tonight at the show! Here's how it ended for me.” and took a photo of the super-swollen appendage. Several hours later, he tweeted this: “Sleeping like this tonight. And it's all my fault..” and included this photo:

There's no word yet on the status of the rest of Panic! At The Disco's forthcoming 2011 tour dates; AP has an email into the band's representatives asking for clarification about the incident and for an update on the rest of the shows. We'll update this once we know more. In the meantime, get well soon, Brendon!

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