Panic! At The Disco guitarist Kenneth Aaron Harris is striking out on his own with a side project. No, he's not leaving the band, before you commence to freaking out. He's just announced his upcoming EP Patterns, which is full of Harris's signature style. It's the same band member you know and love, just working on his own side hustle.

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This is Harris's second full-length album, as he's been hard at work touring and producing for artists like New Politics and Francis Cone. His newest effort, Patterns, was borne while Harris' wife was carrying the couple's first child. 

In fact, the lead single “Something” talks about love, according to Harris, following the “little voice” inside you that doesn't listen to reason when you're in love, searching for something better. You can listen to “Something” now to get a taste of Patterns and what's to come below.

Patterns is releasing in full on Nov. 10. Are you excited to hear more from your favorite Panic! At The Disco guitarist? Let us know in the comments below!