PANIC! The Musical is an independent production based on the songs of Panic! At The Disco, currently being developed by a small creative team in New York City. The musical will feature an original plot and songs from all four studio albums, and those behind it hope to become involved with the band to make it a reality.

“We can only continue if we have the band's support and approval of our concept and hope they believe in it enough to get involved! However, we must also present a flawless proposal so they even take us seriously. With American Idiot, Michael Mayer was an established director approaching Green Day, so them saying yes was expected. We have to prove ourselves that much more to be even be recognized. We believe in the show and have already created a supportive fanbase. Now we just have to hope that the band will back the production and approve the project!” said book writer Christina Rose Sabia in a recent interview.

“In terms of where we want to get the show, obviously Broadway is the dream. To get a show into a workable place can take years. Honestly, where we’ve gotten so far in a few months has taken others years. The creative team and I are shocked that this is already out in the media so soon,” added creator and director Alexis Acar.

Sabia has released an introductory video blog for the musical on YouTube, which can be viewed below.