[Photo by: BBC Radio 1/YouTube]

From struggling with hair, skincare and even simply what to wear, growing up is not always easy. And Paramore’s Hayley Williams understands.

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In a new interview with Racked, Williams shares that she has been struggling with her skin since she was 20, which coincided with some of the more stressful points in her life.

“All through my teenage years, it was fine; I’d even go on camera without makeup some days! But then I went to Japan with the guys, I started to fall in love with makeup—and about two years later, my skin went nuts,” Williams explains. 

“Of course, it coincided with [issues within the band]. I started to have random breakouts, and it made me realize that my body was telling me something.”

Williams says that through dealing with her breakouts, she’s found an interest in organic skincare and how products, like essential oils, have had an influence on her hair and skincare. She talks through some of her favorite natural products—one of her first being RMS concealer, which is coconut oil-based—and essential oils.

And it's her struggle with her skin that has introduced her to the natural beauty world, and for that she’s grateful.

“I wouldn’t have known any of this had I not struggled with my skin,” Williams explains. “Having acne made me ask questions, so I have a lot of knowledge now that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Some days, I’m actually thankful for the fact that I’ve had trouble with my skin—just not every day.”

It’s nice knowing we’re not the only ones who feel this way—and now we might just have to give essential oils a try.