Paramore have released a video game based on their new music video for “Anklebiters.”

The game borrows the Jordan Bruner-directed video's same animated style, but plays akin to Pac-Man, had Pac-Man been designed by Maurice Sendak after taking a peak into Hayley Williams' closet.

“Anklebiters,” is free to play right here, be be warned- it's pretty addictive (and challenging)! The game only requires a quick, free registration on

Though not an official single, “Anklebiters” is a track the group felt a special connection with, and decided warranted something extra. It appears on Paramore's latest, self-titled record, which we just named one of the best albums of 2013 so far in our Mid-Year Report.

Check out the official video for “Anklebiters,” below.