On day three of Paramore’s Parahoy! cruise, frontwoman Hayley Williams addressed the band’s former band members during their performance, (via BIllboard).

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“It is an honor to play music with all the people that are here,” she said. “It’s been an honor to play music with Josh [Farro], with Zac [Farro], with Jeremy, everyone that’s ever played with Paramore. It’s such an honor, to have friendship and music rolled into one thing… only God can do that. I’m just glad it’s not over because I want to keep doing it.”

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This address follows Paramore’s ongoing legal dispute with former bassist Jeremy Davis, which pertains to Davis’ contested status as a legal partner in the band’s controlling business entity, Varoom Whoa.

Along with this recognition of former members, Williams also reaffirmed that a new record is in the works.

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“We’ve been—to be honest—a lot slower than I thought we would be,” she admitted. “Sometimes life happens… I took a Twitter break. It was great; you should try it some time. We’re gonna go on and make a record for ya… We’ll keep you posted.”

[Photo credit: Grizzlee Martin]