It's hard to believe that Brisbane, Australia's Parkway Drive released their latest record Ire nearly two years ago. But good news surfaced today, as the band revealed that they are about 70 percent of the way through recording new material.

In a recent interview done with MoreCore.TV, the metal warriors also noted that they'd be back in the studio very soon to finish up the process. Watch the full snippet below. (via Lambgoat)

The members of Parkway also commented on the band's growth in their new music as compared to previous albums. One key word that vocalist Winston McCall used was “refinement.”

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“It's a bit of everything. It's everything… I think the best way to describe it… it's refinement,” McCall elaborated. “I think ideas that we've had in the past that are new, we've gone even further with new ideas, but things that we've always loved about the band we've just made sharper and more aggressive and have more impact and more statement to them. So, we're not leaving things behind, but we're definitely not staying in the same place.”

So how soon can we expect new a new Parkway Drive album? Seems like it's just over the Horizons

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