[Photo by: Ben Wrigley]

Parkway Drive's new album Reverence comes out this Friday, May 4, and frontman Winston McCall is responding to criticism that the band have abandoned their metalcore roots for a more mainstream sound. Interestingly, the vocalist agrees that the Australian quintet have “outgrown metalcore.”

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Loudwire recently held a Facebook Live interview with McCall, and, during a fan Q&A, one Parkway Drive listener asked if the musician agrees with a Dutch publication's conclusion that the group have outgrown metalcore.

“Yes, I would agree,” McCall said. “Ultimately, I want people to listen to our music and just say, 'That sounds like Parkway Drive.' That's it. I don't aim to say we have to be a metalcore band or a metal band or whatever genre.”

Seems like the vocalist wants the band's music to be judged on its own merits, outside of any genre restrictions. Do you think that Parkway Drive have strayed too far outside of the metalcore circle? Sound off in the comments.

Listen to Parkway's recent single “Prey” below:

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