Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy
[Photo by: Megan Westerby/Wikimedia Commons]

We all know Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump is capable of belting out some serious tunes.

But he had no idea he could do it for the longest time – in fact, he sort of found out on accident.

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During a recent appearance on the Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast, Patrick Stump shared his story about how he eventually came to be Fall Out Boy’s vocalist.

The story is set in the summer of 2001. Stump, noting that he’s actually told his very story “a lot,” stated that friends and fellow bandmates Pete Wentz and Trohman wanted to start a band, and Patrick was looking for a new band to get into.

“My last band had broken up and there had been a pretty long draught,” he explained. “I was kinda surprised – usually it would be pretty easy for me to get into bands, and I would audition and I would get something or whatever, and I can’t remember how long it was but, in terms of teenage years, it felt like eons ago!”

So Patrick searched for a band who would take him in, after striking out a few times. When he “bumped into” Joe, he was informed Joe and Pete were looking for a guitar player, singer, and drummer for their project. Patrick was immediately interested.

“I was kinda bluffing because I had already only ever played drums in bands, but I said ‘I can do one of those, for sure, in a pop-punk band, sure!’ – I was being kind of arrogant because I didn’t take pop-punk very seriously, I’m like ‘sure, whatever. One of those, I’m sure I can do’,” he explained. But it looks like his bluff paid off for him, as we know now. Patrick decided to go in and give it his all during his “audition,” playing a few of the songs he had prepared for this situation.

“They come over, I play them the songs, and it wasn’t even in my mind to even consider being a singer. At most, I was like ‘well, I could be the rhythm guitar player who does maybe backups or something’, it was never even a thought of mine. I played a couple of songs, they lean over to each other, and Pete goes ‘I think this guy should sing’.”

The rest, as they say in Hollywood and showbiz, is history. Patrick was capable of singing beautifully and wasn’t even utilizing those talents, which is a real crime when you think about it.

“It’s really like one of those Disney movies from the 90s where you just find out that you can throw the football really far; it’s just one of those things I really had no idea,” said Stump of his discovery. Perhaps the funniest thing about this ironic nugget is that he had no idea there were people who couldn’t really sing – which is a bit hard t believe, if you ask us.

Whatever the case may be, we’re just glad he discovered his one true talent. Otherwise, we’d never have bops like “Centuries,” and that would be an absolute travesty.

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