Slipknot's Corey Taylor recently weighed in on the use of cellphones at shows during an interview with the WRIF radio station. According to a report from Blabbermouth, he divulged a story of how he noticed a girl who was on her phone during one of Slipknot's sets, so he went over and poured four bottles of water onto her, claiming, “It had to have broken her phone.” He later added, “And then she was just bummed for the rest of the night, and I just kept shrugging at her, going, “Hey, it's a live show. Pay attention, or don't be here.””

He also touched on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, saying, “I enjoy Twitter, because there's no pressure like Facebook. I don't even run my own Facebook—somebody else does, and mainly just to kind of retype what I put up on Twitter, to be honest. But I have a lot of fun with Twitter, because you've got a maximum of 140 characters, and I can kind of get in and get out, and everybody just kind of retweets now anyway; hardly anybody puts anything out there. So it's easy; I don't have to sit on it all day, like most of these zombies do.”

Taylor isn't the first one to comment on the use of cellphones at shows, as Anberlin's Stephen Christian recently made some good points against taking video with your phone at a show.

It's somewhat of a difficult topic. On one hand, you want to be able to relive seeing your favorite artists through pictures and videos. On the other, however, you want to live in the moment. Are memories enough? Is technology taking away from the concert experience? Let us know your thoughts below.