UPDATE: Naturally, the blood LPs sold out very fast.

Syracuse noise punks Perfect Pussy, who are so punk they don’t even have a Twitter (or Facebook!), will release their debut album, Say Yes To Love, on March 18 via Captured Tracks.

If you happen to be a PP fan and also a vampire—or just a generally disgusting human being—you’re in luck! You can order one of 180 vinyl pressings of the album with singer Meredith Graves’ actual blood infused into the vinyl. Now, that’s punk.

You can pre-order the special “Blood Edition” of Say Yes To Love here, you weirdo. It comes in a special box set with a pair of cassette tapes, a poster, a pin and a download code. (Normal people can still pre-order a “no-blood” edition here.)

Also, the band posted a pretty cool snap of Graves holding the jar (jar!) of blood she used for the vinyl.

Listen to Perfect Pussy’s latest single, “Driver,” below.