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It’s Black Friday and while most people are out shopping for the latest deals, Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz is setting the record straight on one of the band’s oldest myths.

For those who might not know, music urban legend has it that Fall Out Boy hate their album Folie à Deux, which happened after they were booed offstage for playing songs off the album (per Reddit.)

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Apparently, this all started because Fall Out Boy had to fill in for Weezer during their tour with blink-182, and that caused some fans of Weezer to be disappointed at the show when FOB started playing their set.

As Rocksound points out, an interview then got twisted, which led to the FOB-Folie era myth to extend even further. Soon enough, people started saying that the band themselves didn’t like the album and, as crazy as it sounds, led them to their hiatus.

Yeah…it’s a lot to unpack, and it appears Wentz has had enough of the longstanding myth.

Doing some digging on the his Twitter, Rocksound found on Nov. 16 that Wentz decided to set the record straight once and for all when a fan posted this to twitter:

“I literally adore Folie á Deux. It’s one of my favorite fall out boy albums. And I know people actually accept it now and most fans love it. It’s just kinda upsetting that the boys are still a little hurt about it. They’ve said they still need some healing before they performed +”

Upon seeing the tweet, Wentz decided to clarify that the band aren’t “hurt” by the album at all, and that they weren’t even booed off stage for the album:

“We def aren’t hurt about it and weren’t booed off stage ever for it- I wanna set that straight. I think there are ebbs and flows of every creative career… fad is one of my favorite albums of ours. I have the original painting of it I walk by every day.”

He then continued by saying:

“No one was booed off the stage. We filled in for Weezer on a blink show that they couldn’t play- there were Weezer fans there who were bummed Weezer wasn’t playing. That is where this whole booed off the stage mythology comes from.”

And then he shared that the whole thing was blown out of proportion due to an interview and that there wasn’t any booing going on when they played the show:

“Yes, it was blown out of proportion in an interview- what was referred to was the time we filled in for Weezer at the last min and some Weezer fans were bummed. There wasn’t any booing.”

So, there you have it, folks, Fall Out Boy doesn’t actually hate their album and there wasn’t any real-deal booing when they did play the show.

Check out Pete’s actual tweets below!

Wentz then ended the long Twitter thread on a high note when he revealed that he’s still got the Folie À Deux artwork on a painting in his house: