[Photo credit: Twitter]

Yep, you read that right. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz appears to have been cast in Escape Plan 2, according to a tweet shared by Steven Miller, who happens to be the filmmaker behind the production.

Check out the teaser photo below!

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It all started with one tweet, featuring a group picture of the cast, including Wentz making an appearance:

But that’s not all. Miller also uploaded a picture of Wentz with his “guns ready”:

There are plenty of sneak peek photos from the set, but these are the only two glimpses we get of Wentz. This isn’t the first time Wentz has taken to the screen though—we all remember that 90210 appearance, right? 

Fall Out Boy’s seventh album is due out on Sept. 15. When talking about their new album for issue 347, Patrick Stump says this album is going to be different than anything they’ve done before.

“This [record] is the most off-script we’ve gone,” Stump tells AP for the very first story on their new album. “I want to try to invent something, because life’s too short.”  

Fall Out Boy are nominated for Artist Of The Year at this year’s APMAs. Vote here now, and be sure to pick up your tickets for the show here before they're gone to be a part of the action! 

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