Pete Wentz dismisses ongoing Fall Out Boy reunion rumors

February 3, 2013
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On Saturday, February 2, bassist Pete Wentz denied rumors of the Fall Out Boy's reunion to the Chicago Tribune.

“I'd say … don't hold your breath that it's happening,” Wentz  told writer Luiz Gomez, who notes that the bassist seemed to choose his words carefully at the two-year anniversary celebration of Angels & Kings at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago.

The Tribune reports: “'People came out of the woodwork for a little bit,' Wentz said of the reaction of his friends and family to the reunion rumor. 'But I feel like I'm so far removed. I'm no help. People asked 'Is this happening?' 'I'm not the person that can help you out. All I know is it's not.'”

Rumors of Fall Out Boy's alleged return from their three-year hiatus escalated on January 25 following an initial leak by PropertyOfZack. Last week, suspicions rose further when a DirectTV listing confirming FOB will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 13 was unearthed.

When AP reached out to the band's management last month, we were given the following statement by manager Bob McLynn for the public regarding the end of the band's hiatus: “There's been a whole bunch of rumors the whole past year…The band's not together.” When asked if the band were planning to reunite for Skate And Surf, McLynn replied, “No. We're not doing anything.”

Though various rumors cannot be confirmed at this time, all eyes will be on Fall Out Boy, as, if the rumors are proven true, their reconvening will be one of the most anticipated music events of this year.

Written by Cassie Whitt