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Pete Wentz is traveling back in time!

Well, kinda. The Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist recently sat down with MTV to revisit the band's legendary performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. See what Wentz has to say about the decade-old TV appearance below!

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At the 2007 VMAs, Fall Out Boy showed up to rock the now-classic “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” from their third album, Infinity On High. In retrospect, Wentz remembers some eye-opening details about that fateful night.

“I remember we got to take over the suite completely and do basically whatever we wanted,” recalls Wentz of the band's MTV performance space. “And we decided to just have a punk-rock, CBGB's-type show in here.”

What a throwback! Wentz recollects all the craziness that went on at that year's MTV awards ceremony, both during and after the show.

“This was one of the wildest VMAs,” Wentz continues. “I can tell you something that happened in the hotel, that night. I got over-served and urinated in a hallway. Now that it's 2017, (I) just gotta hold it together, man. Gotta make it back to the room. This one was such an insane VMAs.”

Also, he threw his bass up in the air!

“Oh my God—I threw the bass?” says Wentz. “Oh my God. I don't remember doing all this. Wow, that happened. I don't remember that.”

Not to mention, the 2007 MTV VMAs were also where FOB hooked up with Rihanna on the singer's Good Girl Gone Bad hit “Shut Up And Drive.”

Thanks for the memories, Pete! Watch the complete video here:

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