In 2014, potentially one of the most important YouTube videos in our scene was uploaded: Drunk History.

If you're not familiar, the video sees Mr. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco fame recite Fall Out Boy's history as a band—very, very, extremely drunk. Scenes of Fall Out Boy acting out Urie's drunk version of their history are intertwined throughout the video.

Needless-to-say, it's absolutely hysterical.


The video, rightfully so, now has over five million views on YouTube.


Fast forward to 2017, and the question arises: Who will do Panic! At The Disco's drunk history?

The answer? According to Urie himself, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz—of course.


One day what happened here is gonna blow your mind.

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AP 346, which features a glowing Panic! At The Disco on the cover, reads:

“When asked whom he'd like to get to narrate the 'Drunk History' of Panic, Urie wastes no time: 'It's Pete,' he exclaims. 'It's fucking payback. It's reciprocity. I need it, man. He told me that if I won the Grammy, he would drink only out of the Grammy and then do 'Drunk History.' That's my goal for getting a Grammy now: having it for myself and also having the retribution of having Pete get drunk out of it.'”

That's right, folks. If Panic! At The Disco wins a Grammy, Wentz will apparently drink out of it and recite Urie and Co.'s drunk history.

Explain to us your Drunk History hopes and dreams in the comments. Grab AP 346 here.



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