Pierce The Veil

Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil may be busy with his new position as CEO and co-chairman of the Living The Dream Foundation, but he’s still working on music. 

The frontman took to Instagram to give fans an update about his life and the band’s next album. 

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The new update comes after a long line of teasers about the next record have trickled in here and there. 

Fuentes has previously teased photos of himself working on music for the new record, along with the promise of “something special” from the band late last year.

The news was revealed after the frontman quoted a tweet from a California radio station, 91X, that reads: “*is patiently waiting for @piercetheveil to drop a single.*”

The band’s account was quick to respond, saying “Love you guys! I promise we’re working on something really special for you.”

In the midst of that teaser, Fuentes announced he was joining Living The Dream in an executive role. The nonprofit organization helps children and young adults with life-threatening illnesses stay positive, maintain hope and appreciate each and every day in the face of their afflictions. He’s very excited about the new role outside of his position in the band, as he’s been an ambassador for the organization since 2016. 

Now, he’s hopped back onto the Pierce The Veil social media accounts to let fans know he hasn’t stopped working on new songs. 

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In the post, he revealed that he moved to Seattle to get some inspiration. 

Felt the urge to get away and go somewhere that inspires me so I packed my truck with my recording gear and drove from San Diego to Seattle. Been living up here for a few weeks writing songs and going to shows,” the post began. 

Then, he talked a bit more about what he’s working on and what’s to come from the band in the future. 

“I am happy and excited for the next chapter and to be playing music on stage with my brothers again. Album #5is getting closer and closer each day and we can’t fucking wait,” he continues. 

You can see his full post below. 

The next Pierce The Veil album will be the followup to 2016’s Misadventures. You can listen to that album below while we wait for the new record. 


How excited are you for new music from Pierce The Veil? Sound off in the comments down below!

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