Pierce The Veil

Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil just teased some new music. In a series of Instagram stories, the singer showed us how he uses his software to layer his vocals.

Fuentes shows us the melody of the song and then how he layers them with harmonies and falsetto. While what we do hear is incredibly brief, Fuentes ends the videos by saying he can’t wait until we hear the song.

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Fuentes used Pierce The Veil’s social account instead of his own to demonstrate the recording process.

In the series of videos, Fuentes starts off by talking about what he’s doing.

So I’m working on a demo right now. I’m working on a vocal harmony part. And as some of you might know from listening to our music that I love to do tons of vocal harmonies, tons of moving, swirling, layered things with my voice. And I’m working on a part like that right now. I thought I might show you guys how I do it. 

Fuentes then plays for us his stacked vocals and continues to build the layering until he plays all of the recordings together. He finishes by discussing the demo.

“And that’s how I do it,” Fuentes says. “Hope you guys liked this. Can’t wait to show you the song.” Watch the videos below.

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Pierce The Veil have not released an album since 2016’s Misadventures. After announcing his new position as CEO and co-chairman of the Living The Dream Foundation, Fuentes said he’s still working on music.

Fuentes has previously teased photos of himself working on music for the new record, along with the promise of “something special” from the band late 2018.

The news was revealed after the frontman quoted a tweet from a California radio station, 91X, that reads: “*is patiently waiting for @piercetheveil to drop a single.*”

The band’s account was quick to respond, saying “Love you guys! I promise we’re working on something really special for you.”

In September, Fuentes hopped onto Pierce The Veil social media accounts to let fans know he hasn’t stopped working on new songs.

In the post, he revealed that he moved to Seattle to get some inspiration.

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“Felt the urge to get away and go somewhere that inspires me so I packed my truck with my recording gear and drove from San Diego to Seattle. Been living up here for a few weeks writing songs and going to shows,” the post began.

Then, he talked a bit more about what he’s working on and what’s to come from the band in the future.

“I am happy and excited for the next chapter and to be playing music on stage with my brothers again. Album #5is getting closer and closer each day and we can’t fucking wait,” he continues.

You can see his full post below.

Earlier this year, Pierce The Veil celebrated “King For A Day” going Platinum with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens.

The song currently has over 98 million streams on Spotify and the video has over 114 million views.

Are you excited for new Pierce The Veil music? Let us know in the comments below!

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