Pierce The Veil's Vic Fuentes recently posted a new blog about the band's upcoming album. Fans can expect the album to be released this summer. Check out the blog from the band's official site below. Let us know what you think!

Hey everyone, Vic here to announce that we’re taking it to the East Coast to work on a brand new album!!  We’ve teamed up with 2 extremely talented producers, Dan Korneff and Kato Khandwala at the House Of Loud in Elmwood Park, New Jersey and things are well underway.  I can’t even describe how nice it has been to be around people that are just as ambitious and excited about making music as we are. We are going into this thing with no creative boundaries and writing songs that are completely driven by emotion.  Every lyric and every guitar part needs to convey a certain feeling so that when it is all said and done, the memories and the passion that we had while making this album will come out on stage each time we play them live.  Can’t wait for you to hear!  Check www.PierceTheVeil.net for more studio updates.  Love ya!