Car accidents are always terrible, but crashing a multimillion dollar race car has to sting just a bit more which is what happened to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason this past weekend.

The 73-year-old drummer crashed his McLaren F1 GTR during the Goodwood Members Meeting in West Sussex, England.

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The Goodword Members Meeting features a weekend of racing at the Goodword Sporting Club and recently celebrated it's 75th anniversary of the event and it's definitely going to be one that Mason will remember.

To put it in perspective just how rare the McLaren F1 GTR is, Motor Authority reports, ““Only about 100 F1s were ever built, and of those, only 28 were F1 GTRs, which were race versions of the street car built from 1995 to 1997. These cars all used carbon fiber monocoque chassis and BMW-sourced V-12 engines that put out 600 or more horsepower.”

They continue to write, “Mason's car is chassis number 10R, which served as a testing and development vehicle.”

But of course, a human life is more important than any material possession which is why we're happy to report that Mason hopped out of the vehicle and is uninjured.

Check out the video of the collision below!

But don't feel too bad for the Pink Floyd drummer cause he has a wide array of cars in his garage back home to which he told The Telegraph, “I'm very fortunate that I've actually driven all of these and raced quite a few of them.” Check out the video of that below!