[Photo by: Pizza Hut/Twitter]

Pizza is the key to unlocking our pop-punk hearts, and Pizza Hut must just know us too well. Just in time for March Madness, Pizza Hut has unveiled its second round of pizza shoe. 

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Pizza Hut is truly saving the day with the announcement of the return of their Pie Tops. This year's shoe, the Pie Tops II, will have more advanced features than the first, though.

Synced with Bluetooth capabilities, these shoes will allow wearers to order a pizza with just a simple press of a button…on the shoe. Did we mention the shoe also has a button to allow you to pause the TV in order to grab your pizza from the delivery guy?

Yeah, we'll take 20. 

Because the shoes have the ability to connect themselves to your phone, once you hit the button inside the tongue of the sneaker, you can then order your pizza via the Pie Tops app. For its other feature, if you want to pause the March Madness game you're watching, the shoe has the ability to connect with your television via your television provider so you can press another button to pause the game. 

So, not only can you order a pizza without missing any of the action from the March Madness game, but you can also pause it to grab your pizza from the delivery guy at the door. Can you think of anything better than that? We sure can't. 

The shoes were first premiered last year during March Madness, and while we couldn't get our hands on those sneakers, it looks like there's a very real chance of getting a pair of the Pie Tops II.

As reported by Bustle, 50 pairs of the shoe will be available for purchase at www.hbx.com, which is HypeBeast's website. The shoes aren't on sale just yet, but be sure to have your credit cards ready because they'll be set to be released on the week of March 19. 

To ensure you've got a chance at being the most pop-punk person in that town you hate, be sure to follow @PizzaHut and @Hypebeast for any further details on how to snag a pair. 

Now that we know how to get a pair of these shoes and what they do, we can go onto the most important question of them all. Are they stylish? 

Coming in a marinara sauce red or a pizza crust wheat color, these shoes are the best things you could probably wear on your feet. According to a tweet from Pizza Hut, the shoes will “include a patent leather marinara splash, cheese grater mesh sides and gold lace tips.” Yeah, we so need to snag a pair of these up.

Not only will they have you feeling like the coolest kid in your town, they also will make sure you're well fed by sending a Pizza Hut delivery guy to your door with your next order. That seems like a win-win to us! 

Check out the shoes below!

We can see ourselves wearing a pair of these shoes now. What do you think of the pizza shoe? Let us know below!