Playboi Carti
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This week, rapper Playboi Carti dropped a new merch line in support of his forthcoming album Whole Lotta Red. However, it looks like the merchandise isn’t getting quite the reaction the rapper may have hoped for.

It turns out, a lot of listeners and onlookers are confused by Playboi Carti’s decision to drop an entire Satan-inspired merch line.

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After confirming that his new album Whole Lotta Red is on the way, Playboi Carti dropped a new merch line filled with shirts, hats, hoodies, shorts and more. The nearly all-black merch collection includes images of upside-down crosses, black cats and satanic groups displayed across the front of each item. As well, fans can even purchase a black chain wallet in the shape of a coffin.

[Photos via Playboi Carti]

The merch collection has 16 items in total that range from $25 to $115. However, it looks like a lot of fans are confused by the dark inspiration Playboi Carti took for the merch line. Since its release, many onlookers have flocked to social media to share their confusion and opinions on the merchandise.

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Whole Lotta Red drops on Dec. 25 so it’s unclear if the new merch is a reflection of the album’s sound. However, a lot of fans are also comparing Playboi Carti’s merch to what is usually found in the black metal music scene.

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Kanye West fans are also very confused about the merch line. According to XXL Mag, West is a rumored executive producer on Whole Lotta Red. As an artist who has recently rebranded himself as a nonsecular rapper, it’s interesting to see Playboi Carti release a satanic-inspired merch collection.

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As well, it looks like Playboi Carti has also taken inspiration from the punk scene for his new album. Fans have noticed that the upcoming album’s cover art is a nod to Slash Magazine. The publication exclusively covered the underground punk scene in the ’70s.

For now, we will have to see if Playboi Carti’s new album has any relation to his latest merch line when the LP drops on Dec. 25. Playboi Carti’s full merch collection is available to view here.

What are your reactions to Playboi Carti’s Satan-inspired merchandise? Let us know in the comments below.