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The tech community is constantly evolving, and the music scene is about to reap huge benefits from a new app called Playlist.  

Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud and other streaming platforms are fantastic for individual listening, but they lack a social aspect in a world driven by social media.

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Playlist allows you to connect with other like-minded listeners where you can discuss music in group chats and listen to playlists collectively. You have the ability to create playlists with others, too.

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Playlist is the brainchild of Stanford entrepreneurs and engineers Karen Katz and Steve Petersen.

“The world has gone social, but music has been largely left behind,” Katz says. “That’s a real gap.”

Last year, the app underwent a beta testing period, and it proved very successful.

“Out of the gate, we saw 10 times the engagement of Pandora. People have, on average, 60 interactions per hour—like chats, likes, follows, joins, adds and creates,” she explains.

Much like Instagram and Twitter, Playlist allows you to follow and be followed by app users.

The app contains over 45 million songs. Additionally, songs will be monetized through advertisements.

The app team made a tactical choice by making it difficult to leave group chats. The “leave” button is hidden under a menu, making the option harder to find.

The app is currently available for free download on Apple products. The team is currently working on making the app available to Android users. Check it out here.

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