[Photos by: Buzzfeed/Polly Pocket]

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you definitely remember Polly Pocket and their tiny worlds—and you probably loved to carry the compacts around with you.

If we're right, you're going to be really happy, because Buzzfeed is reporting they are coming back to stores!

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The website recalls the first Polly Pocket compacts were launched in 1989, with dolls coming in various worlds, colors and shapes. In 1998, the company changed the toys completely, making dolls and compacts bigger.

However, it was announced that they're going back to the original size!

Parents.com shared that a statement by a Mattel rep, explaining that the new line will also be accompanied by an animated series to amplify Polly's story for modern fans. “With more than 10 million compacts sold throughout the years, the compact product line nods to the brand’s heritage and surprise factor, but reflects an updated look of the characters and scenes from the content,” it reads. “The toy launch will be supported with a marketing campaign with Polly inspiring girls to be capable, courageous and tenacious in their own lives, just like her.” 

The new line will arrive in U.S. stores in June, and we simply can't wait.

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