Poppy continues heavy metal domination with bloody new video

Poppy's two sounds collide in her brand new music video.

November 5, 2018
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Poppy is continuing her ascension to heavy metal queen with her newest music video for “X” off her latest record Am I A Girl?

Poppy recently dropped another heavier track featuring Grimes, titled “Play Destroy,” ahead of her album’s release. The new sound is a tad unexpected for the bubbly YouTube star, but she’s expanding upon it with “X.”

The transition from pop star to heavy metal queen is a hard and apparently bloody one. “X” seems to acknowledge this, fusing together peaceful harmonies with screaming bridges.

The track features contradicting verses and melodies. One minute, Poppy sings about how she wants to “love everyone.” The next, the singer begs to be made bloody. The best part? The music video captures all of this.

While the peaceful verses are accompanied by delightful harmonies and a scene right out of the ‘60s, the immediate scene following is dark. Heavy metal guitars back Poppy’s vocals, and she gets her wish.

Am I A Girl? is a follow-up to Poppy’s 2017 debut record, Poppy.Computer. Am I A Girl? is available now, and you can watch the new music video below.

As previously mentioned, “X” isn’t Poppy’s first venture into heavier territory. The singer released “Play Destroy” last week and features indie-electronic artist Grimes. In combination with the pair’s signature electronic and vaporwave sound, the two powerful electro-pop princesses of the future delivered the ultimate nü-metal banger.

Serving as Poppy’s ode to self-destruction, “Play Destroy” takes on a dark, twisted connotation. Masked by signature K-pop-esque vocals and a theme that sounds like it was straight out of The Machine Girl, Poppy and Grimes talk about blowing up a Walmart and setting fire to your neighbor’s gas tank.

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Written by Anna Fair

Senior journalism student at Cleveland State University. Has a varied music taste but in reality listens to the same four bands on repeat for weeks.