[Photo by: Disney/Lucas Films]

This little fella appeared in the trailer for The Last Jediand one thing is for certain: It is adorable. Not to mention, the internet loves these cute porgs.

But what’s even cuter? Having a porg choir sing the Star Wars theme song.

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In case you aren't familiar, porgs are the teeny tiny creatures that live on Luke Skywalker’s island, and they are truly one of the cutest things since BB-8. According to Star Wars Wiki, the creatures dwell in the cliffs of the island where Skywalker lived, build nests and fly. (BTW baby porgs are called porglets—amazing.)

Of course, the internet has already fallen head over heels for the cute little creatures.

And to give us all the adorable content we need for the day, one person strung porg vocals together and created a porg version of the Star Wars theme song—and it's as cute as it sounds. Watch the video below!

Now we’re even more excited to see the porgs in The Last Jedi. Watch the latest theatrical trailer for the movie below. 

The newest trailer is rife with some incredibly tense moments, making us even more excited for the film's release. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in theaters Dec. 15.