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Bud Light has shared a snippet of a never-before-heard Post Malone song that he will be debuting tonight at a gig sponsored by the beer company. 

To backtrack, Posty recently teased us that his next album is ready to go. 

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Headlining Wyoming’s Cheyenne Frontiers Days Festival, Post announced to the crowd that his next album is officially done.

According to Billboard, Post revealed that he had been hard at work in the studio in an effort to finish the project.

“I’ve got some pretty awesome news,” he told the crowd. “And the reason my voice is kinda fucked is because I was in the studio for the last three days and we just finished up the new album, and I think it’s gonna be pretty goddamn out of sight.”

You can catch a video of the announcement below!


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Then, Post Malone was announced to headlining the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour in New York City for the second year in a row. It will take place tonight.

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He performed as part of the series last year in Nashville and performed new song, and it sounds like this year we’ll be getting the same thing.

“The last Dive Bar show in Nashville was super fun. I’m excited to do the next one in the legendary New York City,” Post Malone said in a release.

Then, Bud Light tweeted that he will be giving us “BRAND NEW MUSIC”.

After that, Post and Bud Light announced a full merch collection to coincide with the show announcement.

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The rapper spoke with Complex about the new merch line and also made a quick video to promote the new merch line.

“It’s cool to be able to grow my relationship with Bud Light and collaborate on a merch collection with them,” Post told Complex. “Feels good to give the fans something that represents a good-ass time.”

You can see the merch collection here.

Then, it was revealed that Sublime With Rome would also be playing the gig. And now we have confirmation that he’ll at least be playing one new song in full.

The new track is called “Circles” and Bud Light tweeted a 30-second snippet of it prior to the show. It sounds like a song about a lover that just won’t commit, and what it’s like to wait around for them. 

Listen to that below. 

You can stream the entire Post Malone show tonight on Twitter.

What do you think of the new Post Malone teaser? Sound off in the comments down below!

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