Post Malone
[Post Malone back in the day; photo via Wikimedia Commons]

Post Malone‘s real name is Austin Richard Post, this we know. And guess what? There happens to be an old account for an Austin Richard on SoundCloud. Apparently largely discovered today (Jan. 17), it contains a very emo—albeit faithful—version of the Christmas carol “Silent Night.” Not to mention, listeners reportedly think the unearthed tunes actually show a young Post Malone in action, as noted by XXL and HotNewHipHop.

Listen below. Do you hear the creative beginnings of the Crocs-rocking “Sunflower” singer? In addition to the cover of the Christmastime classic, there’s another song called “Stairs & Strangers” that continues the carol’s earnest acoustic vibes.

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Of course, Posty diehards know all about his former and still ongoing dalliances with metal. To say nothing of his televised tangles with country. But these tunes, if Post, sure paint a different portrait of the musician’s creative upbringing.

Just listen to that tambourine! These tracks sure do have an aesthetic. But going through this old SoundCloud and rummaging for old Posty jams makes us feel a bit like we’re searching for Pepe Silvia in a smoky basement mail room.

What do you think? Are these SoundCloud songs actually a young Austin Richard Post, recorded before we knew him as Post Malone, and preserved by chance in unforgiving internet stasis? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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