If you've been wanting to jam to Prince lately (Who hasn't?) and aren't subscribed to TIDAL, you may have had some issues.

However, that all might change on Feb. 12 when Prince will allegedly be coming to Apple Music and Spotify.

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Prince has been exclusively on Tidal for the last two years, but the New York Post has reported that “for the last nine months, his estate has been working on deals to return the Purple One’s music to the various streaming services.”

Many speculated if Prince would be coming to Spotify due to recent purple advertisements that Spotify has placed around the world, including one massive purple billboard in London. Check it out below.

This purple advertising epidemic has also been seen in New York City.

[Image Credit: Billboard] 

An insider has told the New York Post that “the switch gets turned on for everybody during the Grammys.”

The Post also reported that there will be a tribute to Prince during the Grammys, which would add credibility to the possibly Grammy release date.

No streaming service has confirmed this date.

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