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Despite the massive success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, it looks like developer and creator Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown himself, isn’t interested in a sequel.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Greene discussed the “insane ride” he had been on while heading up the project, with the battle royale video game changing the entire industry and clearing the way for insanely popular titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends to enter the fold.

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But he made it very clear that, despite how much he loves “seeing the growth of the battle royale genre,” he’s ready to move on.

Greene announced he will be moving away from working on PUBG directly and moving to a “Special Projects” team he’s heading up that will be tackling other, much different titles and other cool stuff. The rest of his team will be handling further development of PUBG in the future so that the game can continue to grow and flourish.

“It’s been wonderful — and there’s more coming. It’s a good genre that has space to grow — last man standing death matches, there are so many different takes you can have on that. I’m still waiting for a For Honor battle royale, something with big, big knives,” Greene says.

“They have the reins of battle royale, they know what PUBG and our battle royale is, they understand what we want from the game and what we want to do to it moving forwards, so I saw it as a good chance for me to announce Special Projects.”

If you’re a PUBG fan, it might feel like a bittersweet decision, especially since there isn’t a sequel on its way, but rest assured the game in its current state will still live on and continue to evolve.

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