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Last week, a video of Puddle Of Mudd offering a pretty bad sounding cover of Nirvana‘s “About A Girl” went viral months after it went live and now the band are responding to the criticism in a post on their Instagram page.

The band are saying “toxic people are a waste of time” while also revealing the reasons it sounded off.

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The band hit the SiriusXM studios recently giving an acoustic performance of “About A Girl” and while it went online in January, it started going viral last week.

The comments on the video were pretty harsh, understandably so though with how bad it sounded. One user wrote “I like the part where there’s no singing…” while another wrote “The whole band looks like they’re trying not to laugh. Poor guy…” Other comments were similarly harsh. You can watch the performance for yourself below.

Now, the band are shooting back and also explaining a bit more about what was happening before and after the performance.

They kick off the post saying to “rise above others who try and take you down” but more interestingly, they answer some questions in the comments.

One user is asking if “there has to be some control over what gets put out into the cruel world of the internet. I’m curious, why didn’t you stop the video being uploaded in the first place?”

The band’s account responded, saying “they did it before we could. We will take care of it. I agree with you.”

On top of that, someone else says “if critics had heard original, he sounds a lot like Kurt. He had that high rasp imo.”

The band are giving a bit of insight to how it ended up the way it did, responding “it was a late night and I was sick…happens! Thank you man!!”

You can see their post below.

What do you think of Puddle Of Mudd’s response to their Nirvana cover’s criticism? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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