[Photo cred: Emily Tantuccio]

Everything Ever, a New York punk band with Secret Audio Club, are the most recent known victims of what appears to be happening far too often (read: at all): the destruction of vehicles and theft of musical gear and personal belongings. Over $6,000 in gear was stolen from the trio recently while in Manhattan and now they could use your help in recouping their losses. The band's most recent album, Solid Ground, is available on Bandcamp for whatever you'd like to donate as its cost. Below, you can read a full statement that the band posted on their Facebook, along with some photos of the damage to their van and a video message explaining the situation. 

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“Hey friends, a bit of bad news. It finally happened to us – our van was broken into, and gear was stolen. This happened in the borough of Manhattan in NYC. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and a lot of our gear was not in our van at the time, but a lot was taken and it hurts like nothing we've ever felt before.

A police report has been filed, as well as a claim with Geico for the damage done to the van itself. We also are in the process of getting the security camera footage that covered right where the van was burglarized. However, we don't have insurance for the gear that was stolen and there's no guarantee that we'll be able to track down whoever did this.

We're lucky enough to have full time jobs and we invest as much money as we can into this band because it's our love and passion. We're not ones to ever ask for handouts, but this comes at a time that we have more expenses than ever before. If you feel so inclined, we've made our album for “name your price” on bandcamp. No email address required. We've estimated about $6,000 worth in gear stolen. Any help counts, even if it's just encouragement. No band deserves this, and keep an eye out if you're in the NY Tri-State area.”