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UPDATE: Tuesday, Nov. 21, at 10 p.m. EST

The punk band GutterLIFE's Facebook statements about reportedly having a gun pulled on them by a member of a club's security team, which are quoted in this article and were originally embedded below, have now apparently been deleted. You can still read our original report on the alleged confrontation, as well as the concert promoter's purported response, right here:

UPDATE: Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 1 p.m. EST

An update from Worldwide Underground presents a new statement seemingly supplied by the concert promoter in response to the allegations of a gun being pulled on members of the punk band GutterLIFE on Saturday. It reads:

“In response to the events that happened on Nov. 11: It is our belief, from employees and witnesses, that this band was completely out of control, causing a threat to the safety of a security guard, the promoter and, potentially, patrons inside. Our staff is trained to handle every situation possible, and [we] support his belief that it had escalated enough to show his weapon while saying he would call the police. No physical harm or threat to actually use his weapon took place.

“This situation had absolutely nothing to do with a band being late. It had everything to do with the threats sent beforehand by the singer and the threats that continued when they showed up. The following is a quote off of GutterLIFE's Facebook: 'In lieu of tonight's events, we'd like to state the following — We hold no ill will towards Reverb or the owner. We were not personally addressed by any owners/founders of this venue.' We will be reaching out legally to any and all media outlets blaming the venue or owners for this matter. We are so disappointed that this band would twist a story so much for their own public gain.

“Below, I will send you screenshots of our security's legal statement, along with screenshots from conversations with the band and emails that prove that contact was made with the band prior to the event, the conversation with the band prior to arrival, proof the correct person was contacted, and proof that they had seven other guys with them from Long Island.”

See the Worldwide Underground link, above, for the referenced screenshots of apparent conversations between the group and the promoter prior to the reported altercation. See below for our original coverage of this story.

ORIGINAL POST: Monday, Nov. 13, at 6:30 p.m. EST

GutterLIFE, a punk band from Long Island, New York, reportedly had a loaded gun pulled on them by a member of concert personnel at a recent indoor music festival event. Read the group's description of the altercation below.

GutterLIFE were scheduled to play the Shredsgiving Fest at the Pennsylvania venue Reverb on Saturday. As reported by both Rock Nation and Worldwide Underground, an apparent miscommunication between the band and the promoter resulted in an alarming set of circumstances, according to the group: They claim a gun was pulled on them and their tour manager.

“Showed up to play our set at the Reverb in Reading, Pennsylvania, tonight only to have someone at the club pull a gun on us,” GutterLIFE state in three Facebook posts addressing the situation. “We've been treated unprofessionally in the past but never to the degree of having our lives threatened for trying to play a show we were asked to play.” Read all of the band's posts below.

A series of misconstrued messages about the groups's set time apparently led to the dispute, compounded by GutterLIFE's admitted tardiness to the gig. The band say they were tacitly threatened by a staff member brandishing a loaded weapon after they attempted to enter the venue on Saturday.

According to the group, the reported physical exchange began when they arrived to the venue and “walked up the stairs” but were “pushed back” by concert personnel. An argument apparently emerged, and GutterLIFE say the gun was “pulled and cocked in front of [them]” and their tour manager.

“Our tour manager… was spoken down to, and that gun was pulled in her presence too, less than inches away,” the band claim in their posts. “Unprofessional, classless, a million other words could describe this situation. We were surrounded by guards and men as if we were a threat.”

In a statement to Rock Nation, the group say that a since-deleted post from the promoter, following the dispute, accused one of the band members of shoving the promoter. The post also apparently stated that GutterLIFE announced they would “f**k [the] club up.” The band deny the allegations.

“At the end of the day, there was a miscommunication,” the group tell Rock Nation. “We were late, we were irritated. But we didn't show up to fight—they assumed, and they assumed wrong. A gun was pulled and cocked in front of us, and there is nothing they can do to take back that mistake.”

Read GutterLIFE's Facebook posts regarding the situation here: